A song can convey a wide range of emotion, it can tell a story, it can take you to another place or time. It can give voice to something that didn't have a voice before. It puts something tangible to the un-tangible.

Music Catalogue

Along with song placements in network libraries, Bobby manages his own library with songs featuring different artists, including Jayson Belt, Daena Jay, fielding Moxi, Casey Black, Ryan Webster, Ben West, and Rie Sinclair.

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Songwriting Partners

Co-writers that Bobby works with on a regular basis:

  • Jayson Belt

    With over 50 songs in their collection, Bobby and Jayson write with an ease to produce story-telling songs that range from acoustic-driven and alt-country to rock and moody electronic. In Spring 2010, they wrote 'We Will Shine, featured on American Idol's: Idol Gives Back. Their catalogue of songs has found placement on all major networks and cable programming.

  • Daena Jay

    Writing together since 2010, this partnership with a once arcane and yet introspective writer have produced picturesque songs garnering multiple TV placements and an Emmy nomination for the song Home Again.

  • Ben West

    Detroit meets Los Angeles in this songwriting collaboration, called Imaginary Friends. With a shared love for eclectic studio experimentation, Ben and Bobby have developed a unique sound in their songs. Their work ranges from indie-rock, shoe-gazer to melancholy and down-tempo which has given backdrop to prime-time network television, including "Anthems and Cheers" featured in American Idol's 2011 season, and "Talks Like The Streets" on ABC's Revenge. In 2012, Bobby and Ben won and Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song for 'Dust' as heard on General Hospital and Alias.

  • Aaron Sterling

    Bobby and Aaron's approach is 'set up, play and don't think too much.' They move quickly to produce songs that are full of energy and spontaneity. Their work has a live, in the moment feel, with songs including 'You Got a Secret' and 'Can We Still Be Friends', heard on ABC prime-time shows. This dynamic collaboration goes under the name The Buzzkills.

i remember being 10 years old and hearing Jimi Hendrix on the radio...i was captured by it, but thought, i'm not sure i should be listening to this...

Song Placement

Bobby's songs have appeared on all major networks and cable programming including:

  • 20/20 // ABC
  • Arrow // CW
  • ABC World News // ABC Promo
  • American Idol // Fox
  • Alias // ABC - Netflix
  • All My Children // ABC
  • Baby Daddy // ABC
  • Bachelor // ABC Promo
  • Back To The Beginning - w/Christiane Amanpour // ABC
  • Beverly Hills Nannies // ABC Family
  • Bionic Woman // NBC
  • Brat Camp // ABC
  • Brothers and Sisters // ABC
  • Castle // ABC
  • Catfish // MTV
  • Cougar Town // ABC
  • Desperate Housewives // ABC
  • Detroit 187 // ABC
  • Dirt // Fx
  • Dirty Sexy Money // ABC
  • Duets // ABC
  • ESPN Sports Center // ABC Promo
  • General Hospital // ABC
  • Good Afternoon America // ABC
  • Good Morning America // ABC
  • Ghost Whisperer // CBS
  • Gossip Girl // CW Promo
  • Grey's Anatomy // ABC Promo
  • High School Musical // Disney
  • The Hills // MTV
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live // ABC Promo
  • Kardashians // E Network
  • Katie // ABC
  • The Middle // ABC Promo
  • Make It or Break It // ABC Family
  • Mistresses // ABC
  • Modern Family // ABC Promo
  • My Generation // ABC
  • Nightline // ABC
  • Lipstick Jungle // NBC
  • No Ordinary Family // ABC Promo
  • Off The Map // ABC Promo
  • One Life to Live // ABC
  • One Tree Hill // CW
  • Oscars Programming // ABC Promo
  • Primetime // ABC
  • Raising The Bar // TNT
  • Revenge // ABC
  • Samantha Who // ABC
  • Samurai Girl // ABC Family
  • Scandel // ABC
  • Scoundrels // ABC
  • The Chew // ABC
  • The Queen // TLC
  • The Revolution // ABC
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager // ABC Family
  • The Taste // ABC
  • The View // ABC
  • The Voice // NBC
  • The Winner Is // NBC
  • The Real World // MTV
  • Total Divas // MTV
  • V // ABC Promo
  • Vampire Diaries // CW
  • What Would You Do // ABC
  • Young and The Restless // CBS