About Me

Bobby Hartry is a guitar player, producer, and songwriter...with a fascination for little toy keyboards and anything that makes an interesting sound... tone... frequency... noise...

Bobby started out as a session guitarist in Los Angeles, while also playing the Hollywood circuit with bands Yellowhouse and Almost Ugly. Over the last decade he has branched into songwriting and production at his own Catbeach Studio and recently launched an indie label called CatBeach Music. His fascination with guitar tones, vintage gear, unique pedals, and finding the right sound for each moment, mark his style and influence in the studio.

Bobby produces albums for indie artists as well as projects for major labels. He is also a diverse songwriter who works with various writers and artists to create music for television and film, with over 150 songs finding placement on network and cable TV. Bobby's songs have reached audiences around the world with critical acclaim, with 7 Emmy nominations. His song Dust, co-written with Ben West, won a 2012 Emmy award for Outstanding Original Song.

Whether it’s producing, writing, or searching for a new sound, Bobby embraces the creative process and the collaborative spirit.


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